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You Can Increase Profits 50% – 100% Using Digital (Internet) Marketing Strategies Your Competition Doesn't Understand.  And We’ll Show You Exactly What To Do…

Real Return Marketing provides Results-Oriented Business & Marketing Consulting and Professional Level workshops in Digital (Internet) Marketing and Social Media world-wide. What sets us apart from other "internet marketing gurus", is that we show you how to use Digital Marketing and Social Media in a professional and proven way, only after putting it to the test with our own money and businesses.

Dave Bowland, Founder and Director of our programs, has operated and consulted for a multitude of businesses in a wide array of businesses - from Sporting Goods and Fashion Apparel retail stores to Health & Wellness, Electronics and Design Engineering and Professional Kitchen Supply businesses - personally selling over $20 Million worth of real products and services in the past 15 years. Our Digital Marketing business strategies and tactics are based in the Real World and are tried and true - not the latest fad or something someone heard at a seminar.  Dave is also the Founder and Director of the Marketing College of Canada, an approved educational institution dedicated to Marketing Training in a Digital Age - launching in the Fall of 2017.

Our workshop and training offerings are straightforward, effective and 100% guaranteed:

Our Digital Marketing Mastery Certification or Certified Advanced Marketing Specialist I & II trainings are multi-day intensive trainings that are hands-on and provide one-on-one training for your team.  They will learn exactly what is needed to create long-term growth in your business and continue to maintain and evolve it, depending on your business model and current level of expertise in Digital Marketing.  These premier programs are 100% based on real-life experience and millions of dollars of proven advertising and marketing success.  The length of the training is dependent on the needs and size of your team, but 2 or 4 live training days are typical.

We will help you to apply for a government grant of up to $10,000 per employee for this transformational training.

The Internet & Social Media Marketing For Entrepreneurs Workshop for small businesses who want to harness the power of the Internet to dramatically increase sales and profits and build their business in a real and sustainable way. We give you exactly what you need - nothing more and nothing less. We show you what to do and exactly how to do it. No experience necessary - we will ensure every business participating is taken care of.  Plus - find out if you qualify for a training grant for this program.

If you know that Digital Marketing strategies can enhance your business, but aren't sure where to start or what to do, call us to discuss which training is right for you and let's get started!

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