Real Return Marketing

Real Return Marketing was founded to provide high-quality, professional live training programs on a range of Internet Marketing and Social Media topics.  We've served over 1100 customers and our live training programs continue to grow across Canada.

With the launch this fall 2017 of the Marketing College of Canada, we will solidify our place as the premier Digital Marketing training company training new Digital Marketing professionals and serving Canadian business employees - thus fulfilling our goal of doubling

Our current training menu serves the majority of small and medium sized businesses, including:

  1. The Digital Marketing Mastery Certification
  2. Digital Marketing Funnel Certification
  3. Digital Marketing Ecommerce Certification
  4. Certified Advanced Marketing Specialist I & II

RRM trainings are highly intensive multi-day training that provides an individual company with the ability to certify their employees in the Digital Marketing Skills that are required today to take their company to the next level and compete head-on in their marketplace at home and abroad.

Additionally, our entrepreneur-focused workshop, known as the Internet & Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs 1-Day Workshop, was created to meet the needs of high-performing Entrepreneurs wanting to harness the power of the Internet and Social Media.  Most entrepreneurs learn best in a hands-on live environment, and that's exactly what this workshop offers. Every attendee leaves with an Internet Marketing Plan which they create during the workshop - guided by entrepreneur and trainer - Dave Bowland. You want results - we deliver!  This program is limited to 20 attendees.

With an abundance of How-To modules, real life examples, live Question and Answer calls, Webinars and various other support features, these programs, stands alone in their approach to teaching today's most relevant business and marketing skills to anyone who wants to move to the next level.


All of our trainings are focused and based on real-world experience, not theory or the latest shiny object.  Actual examples are used to illustrate every concept that is taught, not contrived, simplistic examples that leave you with more questions than answers.

In Ecommerce, our focus is on the top 3 Ecommerce platforms - Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.  Our trainers have actual experience in all 3 and will include examples from the platform most relevant to your situation.

Our trainers have worked in many industries and with a wide variety of platforms, given them an deep understanding and real-life perspective that is difficult to find in Digital Marketing training these days.  For example, our lead trainer has worked in the auto industry for major dealerships, smartphone manufacturers, restaurant supply, sporting goods, wedding services and products, natural health and beauty, real estate brokers and much more.

Specialties include niche ecommerce markets, businesses serving Jewish niches, natural health and beauty products, and real estate lead generation.  Our understanding of these markets, and the products and services they purchase online, allows us to deliver private trainings that are second to none.

Dave Bowland, Executive Director and Founder

Dave Bowland - Marketing College of Canada

Dave has created, worked in, and run successful businesses in various industries over the years, always leveraging technology to market, sell and deliver the goods. Personally selling over $20M in products and services, Dave has a deep understanding of what small and medium sized-businesses face on a daily basis when it comes to marketing and sales - all while ensuring their business runs smoothly and delivers top-quality customer service.

For the past 9 years, Dave has spent his time relentlessly searching for, creating, and testing the best Digital Marketing strategies in the world. Now he brings these to you through the Internet and Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs Workshops.  Every business owner needs a professional and rational approach to Digital Marketing in order to succeed in today's highly competitive market, and these programs provide just that.

Dave was educated in the Waterloo, Ontario and received his honors bachelors degree (with Distinction) from the University of Waterloo in Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Administration.  However, the true test of a great teacher is in their breadth of real-life experience - which separates Dave from most marketing education providers serving business owners and employees today.