What Are People Saying About Our Programs?

Before working with Dave we had made a few attempts at creating websites that turned out to be ineffective and generated very few sales. It was apparent that working with web design companies that only focused on making visually attractive sites would never actually make us money.

After hiring Dave for online marketing consulting we now have a successful online business. Once our new site was up and running orders started coming in. We were extremely happy with online sales during the first year with the new website and sales have nearly doubled each following year. After a few years we are now one of Canada's top online retailers in our industry and always come up high in google rankings.

When working with Dave it is obvious that he has an extensive knowledge of the online tools needed to generate traffic to our website. But what I find more impressive is how he is always emailing us with new plans or a new tool that he has found that will generate more web traffic and more sales. I feel that our growth in web sales is attributed to Dave's constant search and implementation of new marketing techniques.

I would recommend Dave's consulting services to really anyone. He will generate more web traffic that turns into sales and you will make more money. Who doesn't want that.

Craig P.

I have been working with Dave for a few years now. Last year I attended Dave's workshop and was once again impressed with his simple yet extremely effective marketing skills. I walked away with an executable plan ready to increase business that day! His knowledge of "how the Internet works" will have the Internet working for you. Dave delivers again and again!


This course helped me to get on track and learn how to use the new-wave form of advertising to my advantage.  It helped me become more successful today by knowing how to take advantage of today’s way of promotion.  Dave showed me the way!

Dave Lindsay

Dave Bowland of Real Return Marketing was suggested to us by another local company. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Dave’s company. Dave took a personal interest in learning about our company and the competitive landscape of our industry. This allowed for the design to be completely personalized, and the content and function of the site surpassed what any of our competitors were offering. Unlike other design or consultancy firms we have dealt with in the past, Dave was more than willing to give us step by step instructions for how to maintain and manage our website after it became live. This not only ensured a successful launch, but it also reduced our cost to operate the website. After the design and launch stages we continued to work with Dave hiring him for SEO management. Again we found him to be completely transparent teaching us methods to increase website rankings and gain more online exposure in our industry.

Our website was very successful beyond our expectations in its first year of operation. In 2013 (the second year) we realized a 28% year-over-year growth from the first year. In 2014 we realized a 73% YOY growth and three quarters of the way 2015 we have already substantially surpassed our 2014 revenue. The results speak for themselves, and they can be directly attributed to the work Real Return Marketing has done for our company. We were able to reach way beyond the limitations of brick and mortar retail, and we now sell watersports products Canada wide. Not only have we added a new revenue stream to our business, our in-store business has grown substantially as a result of our web site. I would absolutely recommend the services of Dave Bowland and the team at Real Return Marketing, you will not be disappointed with their knowledge, effort, or results!

Taylor P.